RealLifeSkin™ Life-Like Prosthetics
& Alloplastic Reconstruction

Improving diagnostics and increasingly aggressive surgical intervention are preserving more and more lives each year. Yet thousands of patients with ablative surgery, as well as trauma victims and congenital amputees are disfigured beyond the restorative capabilities of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

For them, RealLifeSkin Alloplastic and Prosthetic Reconstruction, offers hope.

With offices in several cities, “Real Life” is the nation’s foremost facility for the planning, designing and creation of alloplastic facial and limb prostheses.
Life-like alloplastic and prosthetic reconstruction not only aids in the rehabilitation of basic anatomical functions, but also helps restore physical identity, vocal and gestural communication, emotional dignity and self-esteem. 

Our team of specialists is referred hundreds of patients each year from throughout the United States and from many foreign countries. These patients include men and women of many races and of ages ranging from less than two weeks to ninety and above. 

Each patient is treated as the true individual he or she is – persons whose appearance and, in most cases, self-image have been devastated by disease or trauma. As a result, the staff of Real Life equally draws from knowledge of anatomy, medical and biomedical sciences and artistic talent to provide this most comprehensive and unique service.